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Cryptocurrency Commentary without the BS

Relaxed, daily thoughts on the world of cryptocurrency and cryptoasset investing

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Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, Litecoin or any of the other rapidly growing cryptocurrencies, I’m here to discuss them with you in a relaxed, level-headed approach.

No pump and dump scams, no shilling, just honest takes on cryptocurrency. Learn as I learn this incredible world.

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Honest Crypto Analysis

Daily Crypto Analysis & Commentary

Tired of the scammy crap associated with so many of the cryptocurrency experts? So am I. And that’s exactly why I don’t position myself as an expert. Because I’m not.

I’m just an average dude who likes learning about this crazy crypto world and investing. No pump & dumps, scam coins or ridiculous predictions here. Just honesty and analysis where I think I can add value.

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